BR1 Mini with ip cam remote access


I am in need to view IP camera’s off site. However as we are aware I can not connect to them due to carrier (verizon) private ip address. I have read different solutions such as: cloud vpn, or NAS vpn but can not wrap my head around performing either. Can someone with more knowledge please assist me?

thank you

At the site:
Camera + a Peplink cellular router. The camera to be provided with a LAN IP address by the router (say

In the cloud (e.g., or - $5/month, with a fixed IP address):
A FusionHub Solo (free the first year)

Between the site and the FusionHub: a PepVPN connection. That connection publishes the site router’s LAN address space (incl. the address of the camera(s)) to the FusionHub.

At the FusionHub: Route access from the public IP address and the appropriate ports to the LAN address ( and ports of the camera.

We’ve made use of such an architecture (upcloud fusionhub - verizon PepVPN connection - pepwave MAX BR1 - camera) and it has been rock solid.

That’s pretty much it. Works like a charm.

@MartinLangmaid has written quite a bit about the use of FusionHubs in various scenarios.

Have fun!



Video here showing how to set it up: Setting Up FusionHub on Vultr – Martin Langmaid – SDWAN Architect


Thank you for the help so far, I’m still having a little trouble due to this being all new to me. i have followed @MartinLangmaid video link (thank you for the video) and setup the link between the peplink and fusion. Now where I am getting confused is


Where do i get within the settings to accomplish this, should I go into the peplink web admin or fusion web admin?

sorry for the basic questions, thanks for the help so far

I actually just got 1 camera to work within the ‘port forwarding’ section but how am i able to do a 2nd camera if I only see one public ip.

Assuming you have the connection between the FusionHub and the BR1 in place.

Log in to the admin page of the FusionHub, and go to the SpeedFusion status page. For the link you will see it listing the LAN address space of the BR1 (the other end of the connection) as published by the BR1 ( in this example):

Assume that the webcam has IP address (provided by the BR1, and not changing). Then all you have to do is forward the appropriate ports from the WAN IP address of the FusionHub to the appropriate port (which may be the same) of the camera. E.g.:

In this example some ports are mapped straight through to the same port of the webcam, other ports (such as 8090) is mapped to a different port of the webcam.

And the latter is one way of handling multiple webcams (or services generally): You decide how to associate ports with specific webcams, and then perform a mapping for each from the WAN IP and the port you chose to port 80 (for http) of the LAN IP of the associated webcam. (An example from a different router, were is the LAN address space of the router with the six webcams having IP addresses ):




Thank you for such a detailed response. I will try this tomorrow morning and report back!

Thank you very much!

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