BR1 Mini Serial to Network WebConsole

If using the ACW-411 console adapter, on the BR1 Mini if you enable ‘Serial to Network’ in the UART settings there’s an option for to enable Web Console. The help icon says you access it at http(s)://host:port/webconsole/. Does that require a plugin or something to work?

Chrome: sent an invalid response. ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE
With Edge and IE is displays content unformatted and scrolling

What do we need to do to use the Web Console?

@jgranade, two things to take note.

  1. Assuming you are accessing via the Console port of Peplink Balance 580, you need enable the “CLI SSH & Console” option.

  2. The URL for the WebConsole should follow the MAX BR1-Mini > Web Admin Access port(s), eg. TCP:80 (HTTP), the URL will be “”.


  1. All the cables are Straight-through UTP
  2. Peplink Balance 580 Console Port - Baud Rate is 115200