BR1 Mini Power Consumption


I have a emergency communications kiosk requirement (for several hundred of unit) that needs to be solar powered. BR1 Mini’s are being used for limited VoIP, alarm and status communications. The solar power subsystem needs to be optimized to maximum extent possible. The BR1 Mini max power is 12W per the data sheet. What does it consume when it’s sitting idle? How about when it’s actively using cellular? How much does WiFi add to the power consumption when it’s active? How much does WiFi add to power consumption when it’s inactive and can it totally be turned off to reduce power consumption? Anyone have any info on this?


+1 this one for me too. This info would be great to know. As we move more and more into the low power requirement sector, this is going to have to be made public if we want to compete.


Based on our testing, the BR1 Mini’s power consumption at idle with the 12V supply should be around 3W. The average load at 12V is around 7.8W. As these are averages you may experience higher or lower loads with each device in different environment.



Thanks very much for the info. It’s quite helpful. The application (emergency communication kiosks) entails the kiosk sitting idle the vast majority of the time. This will help in sizing the solar subsystem.

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