BR1 Mini OpenVPN difficulties

I have been struggling for 2 days now. Here is my config.
BR1 Mini LTE with either VZ or ATT cell. Router is setup correctly and have no issues connecting to the cell network. The clients off of the router work great. Now trying to set up OpenVPN so I can remote entry into the router and can never get any client (Windows, Lubuntu or MAC) using various flavors OpenVPN to authenticate and connect. On the windows client, I get a Connection timeout.

I upgraded to Version 8.1.0 of the firmware but spend hours on 8.0.2 trying to get it to work as well. Have tried both VZ and AT&T SIMs as well as All Routes and Split tunnel route profiles to import into the client. Created different virtual lans and everything. Same failure from the clients everytime.

@ralphhered, the reason it is not working is because VZ & ATT do not provide you with a true public IP address, it is a NAT’d one. You can check this yourself by visiting and you will notice the IP does not match the one given to you by the network.

The only way around this is to subscribe to a public static IP from the carrier.

Another option would be to spin up a free FusionHub Solo at Vultr for $5/month. This includes a public static IP and you could then easily port forward over to your BR1 Mini.


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Thanks @AskTim! I will look at this. I did have conversations with both carriers and they told me ahead of time that this should work but I was not sure if it would. You confirmed my suspicion.