BR1 mini - load balancing between cellular and WiFi or Ethernet

Hi, I demoed a BR1 mini last year and both, cellular WAN and Ethernet worked simultaneously, I cannot replicate that anymore. It would be great to have that feature since from my point of view the circuitry is there…

Can you please confirm that this is now feasible?


Hi. Has the optional license been applied which enables this feature?

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Hi Rick, I have a BR1mini with trial licenses activated, is there any license that I should install? Have you done this before ??

thanks !

@Heriberto_Garcia you need MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS which enables load balancing and failover.

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Hi Heriberto. We have never used a trial license but have acquired quite a number of them for internal use and for resale. MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS is the product:

This option adds considerable functionality to the Mini.


Hey Martin! Nice to see your comment. Hope you are well and healthy. I am using a trial version of the license but I was expecting to see both, the Ethernet WAN and Cellular working at the same time, but no, when I try to create a rule, only Priority and Enforced appears. Thanks. !

Hello @Heriberto_Garcia,
We are using a BR1 Mini as a dedicated VoIP gateway for a site

As you can see, all three WANs have the same priority.

These are the Outbound policy options available in the router.

Although this router is running a beta release of FW8.1.0, there has been no change in the routers options or configuration since this FW8.0.2 (FW changed about three days ago).
For configuring, we are using Google Chrome, we gave up on the other brands of browsers, finding Google Chrome worked best across all platforms (Windows, Apple & Linux).

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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