BR1 Mini (HW3) Serial Port (RS232)

I have received multiple requests from industrial partners for Serial Port (RS232) support for the new BR1 Mini HW3. Any chance this option will be coming back as it was in the HW2 version?


The removal of the serial capability is going to kill sales to the oil and gas folks who have not moved to Ethernet meters yet!!! (We have sold some of the units and never realized it was gone - got our first customer call this morning…

We transitioned 100’s of sites from another vendor over to Peplink and may have to start transitioning them back (as the modems age out/fail/are replaced)

This is a big deal for us and our customers.

What devices are left in the peplink line up that will continue to offer 232 connections???

We have the same issue. The serial port is used a lot for out of band management and in other applications provides connectivity to industrial serial devices. The serial port being removed on the new BR1 Mini HW3 version just killed a 30 unit sale.

We are working on a BR1 mini variant that comes with RS-232 serial port (DB9 connector). We expect this to be available in Oct/Nov time frame.

Currently we still have a few hundred BR1 M2M available.

This could be the choice before the BR1 min (Serial variant) is available.
Please email to [email protected] or talk to your VAD if you need this.

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We’d love to hear from the community that if Wi-Fi is needed or preferred?

With the added DB9 serial, we have to remove 1x ETH. That means the device has a total of 2xETH and a DB9.

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Why does it have to be limited to 2 eth?
The br1 classic hw3, supported three eth, with one of them software configurable to be either serial/eth.
You could make that one lan port 100mb or serial?

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WiFi is preferred. In our set ups the end user will be driving onto a gas/oil location and in the winter or rainy days it is better to sit in truck and connect via wireless to be able to read the meter… then get out and run a 100’ cable back to your truck … so ya the devie with 232 should have wireless

or we can just add in a cheap ubiquiti wireless device but that uses an ethernet port

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who has the older mini’s … we wold like to buy some

WiFi is definitely preferred. We have some industrial customers with wireless touchscreens that utilize the BR1 Mini WiFi to connect to the local PLC.

I have several br1 mini’s hw2 new in box, both LTE , and LTE-A available.
Feel free to send me an e-mail and we can get you setup.
[email protected]

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Hey Jonathan,

It’s more a form factor issue. As we are putting a DB9 connector for the serial port, we have to remove one Ethernet port to save the space for the DB9.

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are they under warranty?
We are use to getting reseller pricing are you close to that

Yes they are new, you can contact me via e-mail or PM for pricing.

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Will it be CAT6 or more? We need an international modem on this.


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Are there any updates on a Serial Port equipped unit?

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