BR1 Mini GPS / Ipad

I have a BR1 Mini on our boat.
When I look at the In-control-2 map, the gps is working and recording the track as i would expect.
I have a Navionics app on my wifi-only Ipad pro that works well with all other wifi and internet sources that i regularly use when away from boat.
But when I am on the boat the gps data does not get to the the Navionics app on the Ipad, The navionics app will only show me being stationary at the marina.
Is there a setting that i need to make within the BR1 that allows it to share the gps data locally thru the BR1s wifi?

I haven’t used the Navionics app, but try forwarding your BR1 Mini gps data to the ip address of your Ipad.
and:NMEA Sentences Received by Navionics App - Sonar Server American

Thanks Erik
I have added my iPad and phone to the gps forwarding on the br1, will go for a sea-trial early to mid next week and let you know how it works.

Did you get this working ?
winder what port iPad needs gps data sent to ?

Hey Johnny,

Did you get it to work? I am trying to set up GPS forwarding between Peplink and Navionics App on iPad. I have tried both UDP and TCP but neither establish a successful connection.

P.S: if you are looking for a solution to use Navionics on your Wi-Fi only iPad I would suggest using the app GPS2IP on your phone to share the gps info to your iPad. Works fine but a native peplink integration would have been ideal.