BR1-MINI Fail-Over Trial License Keys

Hello Team, the excitement of the BR1-MINI’s has been absolutely amazing. However, we have run into the request numerous times for a trial period that they can have to test out the fail-over capabilities of the BR1-MINI. Like the FusionHub trial button, is there a way for you to add a fail-over trial button to the interface? This would also allow Peplink engineering to remote into the device should the customer have issues with getting a cellular connection to establish.

Thank You In Advance,
Jon Grote



I would also like to Second this request as we have had similar requests from our customer base.

Thanks for raising this point Jon.

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Yep, this makes perfect sense. We’ll look into this. Thanks.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply Keith! We look forward to the announcement on this feature.

-Jon Grote

Hi Team, I had this request come in again. Any update on when this will be available?

Thank you in advance!

The license to be available on v7.0.2. Anyway, we don’t have the ETA for v7.0.2 at the moment. Stay tuned!


Thanks alot, this makes perfect sense!