BR1 Mini disconnects AT&T

New BR1 install on a boat it disconnects AT&T every few minutes have not been able to find a fix.

We have not been able to have AT&T set up the sim properly they say the modem does not show up and they set the sim up for an ipad.

I have tried several antennas and amplifier even though the signal is fine even with rubber ducky it is any where between -75 and -58 and with amplifier it can get it down to -38 with no faults.

Any ideas on what i should do or helpful suggestions…?


Hi - welcome to the forum.
First thing to do is to disable the healthcheck on the cellular connection - that is potentially causing the disconnects.

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Does it actually connect and work at all? To me it sounds like you dont have the right plan. An iPad plan may no longer work in a Peplink device or similar as AT&T started cracking down.

I suspect this is not a “signal issue.” As @mystery has suggested, is this a plan intended for use with a “tablet-type device?” If so, AT&T has an initiative in progress to disrupt and terminate such uses and that effort seems to be getting lot of traction recently.

If this is the plan you have you won’t be able to provision it successfully in Pepwave router. If the seller of the plan provided a “special IMEI” it may or may not work. We are aware of some that are working excellently; others work intermittently or not at all."

Finding decent, affordable cellular data plans continues – far and away – to be the #1 problem with implementing Pepwave hardware. The hardware is great – and that’s where the greatness stops. :zipper_mouth_face:

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yes it connects and works ok for a few minutes.
I have disabled health check but it is no help.

i am suspecting the same thing about the plan.
I just checked and verizon has a plan and recognizes the IMEI so i will try to get a sim locally today while we also try to get AT&T to provision it correctly.
Any other ideas on plans for this modem…?
Are the other modems that can get better plans…?


Many of us have legacy plans you can no longer get. A few months ago VZW was offering $60-80/month for unlimited to 22gb then deprioritized but I think that plan is gone now? Some folks have had luck adding AT&T unlimited lines to existing AT&T accounts and having them work in Peplink. The carriers have been eliminating decent options unfortunately. Some have also been able to get Rural plans but I think those have disappeared as well. Howardforums is a great resource. My biggest fear is not only losing my current plans but 5g will make it impossible to get any sort of cellular signal on a boat once it leaves the dock due to how they are designing the networks to be localized :frowning:

Good question. Not so far as I am aware. In general, the carriers know what type of device the product is by looking at the IMEI. This is not a “Peplink issue” per se.

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