Br1 mini cannot detect sims

modem has been doing fine for a couple of months on a boat with one cell antenna up the 80’ mast and the other one on deck also have 2 Wilson boosters which are used on or off which ever is best at the time.

I hook the lan of the BR1 Mini to a router on its wan port i tried ip pass through once in the past with no luck.
I have been using an older d-link router and I just switched it for a new TP-Link AX6000 i got it all working pretty well then i decided to try ip pass through so as to not double NAT.
Once i tried the ip pass through the unit would no longer detect the sim cards.

I have tried every thing (almost pulled all my hair our) checking insertion of cards, sever rebooting with 2 different firmware’s, many power resets, resetting ip pass through, hard reset of unit several times etc etc etc…
no sim detection…

I see there is new beta firmware might that help…?
Firmware 8.1.0 RC 3
Release Date: Jul 23, 2020

Can anybody help…?


Hi Scott

Can you please confirm that even when trying without IP Passthrough enable now the SIM is not detected?

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Even without IP Passthriugh enabled the sim is not detected. no matter what i do the sim is not detected.

The boat is on its way of this morning to Catalina island the owner has brought iPad with a cellular hotspot and has been able to hook up the wireless Wan to the iPad and we have the modem online in control but still no Sim detected
They will probably lose connectivity for an hour or 2 then they get it back
So I can have web access


Hi Scott

Have you tried different SIMs in the BR1? (just want to confirm its not the SIM that has failed)

Could you please open a support ticket?

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How do I open support ticket …?

It was all working with these SIM cards until I selected ip pass
One is Sprint at 1 is ATT
I think there is a Verizon card on board plus what he has in his iPad I will have him try
I will try and have him insert that I will also include him on this email


Oops edit Did not realize emails went to forum

He is power cycling at the moment he just told me they came backup online for his Web administration

For some reason on incontrol the GPS is not updating it shows hes still at the slip when hes almost at Catalin

How do I open support ticket

Support ticket has been open


Please share results. I have the same issue.

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Tried brand new unit but it did the same thing in my deployment. We ended up disabling the wifi completely in the BR1-Mini with that the cellular works well now with my deployment.

So its been recommended to change the BR1-Mini to a Max Transit such as the MAX-TST-LTEA-W-T and see if i can then use the wifi with out interfering with the cellular communications in my deployment.
To date we have not tried the a Max Transit router yet.

Here’s a thought: We had this experience (not recognizing the SIMs) in a BR1 Mini LTE-A. It turned out to be a power issue - it was powered using POE and the POE simply did not provide enough energy (in our case it should have been 12V/2A and it was not). Once that was corrected it was rock solid.

Good luck,



It is actually powered by solid direct 12 volt v.d.c. from the ships buss through the wall wort plug I wonder if solid POE or the terminal block might be better…?

What is the distance between the 12V DC source and the BR1?
12V DC over a distance can lose a volt or five meaning that the BR1 would be really on its lower limits.
If using a wall wort over a longer distance, try a 24V DV one (BR1 mini can handle 12-28V DC)

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Not sure on actual distance but it is not too much maybe 10 feet but there is sufficient wire size so as not to have any voltage noticeable voltage drop. I am well aware of voltage drop.

I am not using wall wort transformer just the wall wort input plug on the BR1.
The wall wort plug is hooked direct with a fuse holder to a 1100 amp hour 12 v.d.c. battery bank with # 10 wire. There is no voltage drop to speak of.
While we have had these problems there has mostly also been a battery charger on line @ 13.4 v.d.c.

10ft should not cause enough voltage drop to cause issues. I have seen it where a BR1 or Transit DUO is powered over 20-30m using a 12V PSU and the voltage driving at the router is 9-10V which is enough for the router to boot up but then when the cellular modems try connecting, they either fail or the router reboots. Switching the PSU to a 24V one fixed the issue.

It doesn’t sound like power is the issue in your case through.

Can you please send me the support ticket number and I will follow up.
Thank You

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