BR1 Mini and new software update- streaming video

I have a BR1 Mini and am using both T-Mobile and Verizon sim cards. I recently downloaded the newest version software, and the install was successful. After the download I expected an enhanced video streaming experience, but it seems that streaming has slowed down.

For background info I am using the BR1 Mini in an RV with an exterior Omni multi band antenna. I have a Wilson 1 watt amp in line, but just disconnected the power to it due to a discussion on this forum where it was stated that the amp may cause more issues than it fixes.

A current speed test on the BR1 shows speeds at 23+ mbps. Is there any setting that I need to tweak, or is this just a normal state for this router? Here are the current numbers grabbed off of the router interface.

LTE Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100 MHz)
RSSI: -65dBm SINR: 17dB RSRP: -94dBm RSRQ: -8dB

Any suggestions?

Do you have more info on this ?

Before upgrade:

  • May i know what is the firmware version running ?
  • May i know the speedtest results that you get ?
  • What is the LTE connection status (LTE band & Signal Info) ?

I’m assuming you are testing the 7.1.0 beta firmware.

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Hi, before upgrading I was running Firmware 6.3.3 build 2252, and Speedtest results are 20+ mbps.
LTE Band 2 (1900 MHz)
RSSI: -60dBm SINR: 14dB RSRP: -84dBm RSRQ: -8dB

OH, BTW I am running version 7.0.3 build 2765

Look like this is not related to the firmware upgrade. You are getting similar throughput with old and new firmware.

May I know your RV is moving when you encounter the streaming is slow? Fyi, your streaming quality will be affected when RV is moving especially reached the area with a weak cellular connection.

The reading of cellular status provided here is captured when you encountered the streaming is slow? Fyi, capture now will not help to diagnose the problem.

Have you tried to stream to another site? If so, any different?

How you connected to BR1 Mini? Wired or wireless?

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Thanks for the reply. All of the times that I have done speed tests have been when parked. Right now I am in Grapevine Texas. I am connected to the BR1 Mini wirelessly. One curious thing I noted last night. I was trying to stream Hulu while using the T-Mobile card. The speed test showed a speed of over 30 mbps, but yet the show would pause every 5 seconds.

So I switched to the Verizon sim card and took a speed test. The Verizon sim card showed a speed of 4 mbps. When I turned on the same Hulu show it played smoothly. Why it would play smoothly at 4 mbps and not play at 30 mbps is baffling to me.

I am assuming that the “Speed Fusion” app will not help with this problem?

Streaming video performance over cellular is related to the carrier and not the BR1. It will depend on your data plan and what their T&C’s are. They generally reserve the right to throttle certain types of traffic based on real-time network load etc. Thanks