BR1 Mini 5G T-Mobile Compatibility?

I have previously configured a couple of BR1 Mini Core (4G) devices with 4G T-Mobile SIM cards that have worked well.

However, I have my first BR1 Mini 5G device with a new T-Mobile 5G hotspot SIM card. The Peplink is detecting the SIM card but is not getting an IP address or any internet connectivity. I’m on the latest 8.4.1 firmware and have tried swapping SIM card locations, rebooting, and calling T-Mobile to have them double check the SIM card programming and everything is checking out.

Can anyone provide me with some feedback on if the BR1 Mini 5G device is compatible with T-Mobile 5G SIM cards? In the event that the answer is no, can the BR1 Mini 5G device take a 4G SIM card?

NOTE: My research tells me this is a somewhat common issue. My T-Mobile account is not a business account – could that be a factor? I will go to T-Mobile tomorrow and convert it over to a business account and report back.

Any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

I have a Tmobile sim I utilize in the Pepwave, you will need a tier data sim, not the Unlimited Home 5G SIM, which will never work in the Pepwaves, also it’s always a good idea to give Tmobile the IMEI to your Pepwave so they can update the records when the Pepwave tries to authenticate with the Tmobile Network,

If you have the Business 5G account that will work with any device - Pepwave, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless etc.

A couple of months ago Tmobile had the 30GB 5G sim for business for $15 bucks.

Also for the APN try entering it manually -