BR1 Mini 5G: Affordable 5G for Mass IoT

BR1 Mini 5G: Affordable 5G for Mass IoT

What’s this? The BR1 Mini is evolving!

Our best selling device now supports 5G! Bring high speed connectivity to all your deployments at an affordable price.

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What is the purpose of a BR1 Mini 5G without GPS or Wifi, 99% of our customers need either Wifi or GPS for the mobility. It would have been great for the public safety and EMS if it had GPS and Wifi.


The BR1 Mini 5G would’ve been perfect for the installation at my buddy’s place, up north, where he needed neither the GPS nor WiFi the BR1 Max Pro we did use has. Would’ve saved him a buck or two.

I’d love to replace, with Peplink kit, the NetGear LB1120 I’m currently using for LTE fail-over for our home Internet connection, but even the “affordable” BR1 Mini 5G is still too rich for my blood :frowning:

I understand that WiFi and GPS are important to many mobility deployments.

Many customers want a device that is future proofed by supporting the latest 5G standards, but they don’t need Wi-Fi or GPS. Some example use cases are:

  • Fixed Wireless Adapter: Many carriers offer 50-100Mbps plans and people want to add 5G connectivity to their existing router/firewall
  • IoT: Kiosks, Industrial sensors
  • Security & Surveillance: IP cameras, alarms, and call boxes
  • Robotics and Automation: With private 5G support, this model also works great for anyone needing an ethernet adapter for the private 5G infrastructure
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Hello, folks.

My opinion about…

Thinking about the hardware capabilities of the device (throughput), I believe that Peplink should first lunched a device that will keep WiFi and GPS, but just adding support for LTE CAT-12 and try to keep the same price of device that have LTE CAT-6 capabilities.


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This is great for fix sites but not for fleet where vehicles has to be tracked and police needs Wifi capabilities. Maybe peplink would come out with one with WiFi and GPS 5G for true mobility.

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If they had just added “core” to the name there would be no confusion of missing wifi or gps. It would match the other core versions.