BR1 MAX MINI with Broken SSID

I have a very strange problem. I have a BR1-MAX-MINI and at the moment have it connected to a WAN. A few days ago my promary SSID started rejecting wifi connections (e.g., my android phone reports IP Configuration Failure, a windows machine reports connected, no internet, but it is no connected (i.e., it won’t respond in a browser)).

I tried deleting the SSID and creating a new SSID with that name. Same issue.

I tried deleting the SSID, creating a new SSID with another name, connecting to it, and then renaming it to the name of the first one. Same issue.

I then tried a factory reset. 10 seconds on the button, logged in as admin, changed pw, user name, and created my preferred SSID, no dice. Created an SSID with another name, no issue.

I have been using this SSID for almost 18 months on the device and I just can’t figure out what’s going on.

There are no access restrictions. No added fire wall rules. And the unit has just gotten a full factory reset AND a firmware update (running 8.2.1).


With all the changes made to browsers for super security a lot of strange things are happening not to mention the mobile carriers thrown into the mix. That’s where I would start.

I think I can rule out the mobile carriers as I am not using the cellular modem presently. I think I can also rule out any one browser as this happens in Windows trying to connect to SLNET and to android trying to connect to SLNET. Neither is using a browser to connect and neither will make a connection. Windows reports a connection, but can’t resolve because there is “no internet”–android simply reports that there is an IP configuration issues. I suspect that SLNET will not provide an IP address to a DHCP client, but I can’t imagine why.

I’m not a MS-Win or Android guy, so I can’t tell you exactly where to look on those devices, but…

This doesn’t read like a WiFi problem, per se. From your description: It reads like the devices are associating with the AP in the MAX BR1 Mini, but not getting a (proper) config from the router. Sounds like a DHCP problem, to me.

I believe what you need to do is look at the network settings (IP address, default gateway/route, network number, netmask, and DNS server[s]) the devices are getting.