BR1 M2M DNP3 Support

Does the BR1 M2M support DNP-3? DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) was developed by GE Harris to create a standard protocol specification for vendors of power grid SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) components. DNP3 is commonly used in North American electric and water utilities for communication between SCADA masters and outstations like Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).

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@lenl, currently, the MAX models with a serial interface is acting as the medium to transmit data encapsulated in RS-232 standard, it doesn’t participate in processing or understand those protocols. Would you able to share more deployment scenario/details of the opportunity?


Following is a link to a good Wikipedia article describing DNP-3 deployment.

We have many, many customers in the public water utility and co-op power distribution space to whom we have supplied and who currently use Sierra 2G/3G devices. They support DNP-3 directly to communicate with the meters, etc. We are looking for an upgrade path from these Sierra devices. The BR1 M2M is an obvious fit if it can support DNP-3.