BR1 gets freeze if not reboot

Hi there!

we have a client with 70 MAx BR1 installed and managed using IC2, on buses and all works fine. But sometimes the machine gets disconnected form the IC2, the wifi still broadcasting (but not operative), and no one can connect.
The only solution its to reboot the machine.

The machine do not power off on days, (even if the bus its ‘off’, the MAX still working).

So anyone know if its possible to schedule a reboot? or any one have the same problem?

I will recommend to upgrade to the last 6.2…



  1. Do you mean BR1 was running v6.2 but still having lock up issue?

  2. What time BR1 will lock up often?

  3. Ventilation there ok?

  4. BR1 is hot during lock up?

You may open ticket for us to take closer look. Please enable Remote Assistance as well.

Thank you.

nope the BR1 its NOT running v6.2 (support reply me may fix the issue upgrading (i will try it this week))
ventilation its OK, buses are on Spain but in the north that ambient rounds 7-15 ºC
It get lock up every week like 3 days and a half


Hi BR,

Please upgrade to v6.2 to confirm will help. Please open ticket if problem persist after the upgrade.


I think we have the same issue. We also have a Max BR1 connected to IC2 which is installed on a vessel who is sailing in and out of coverage regularly. We notice that last 2 times the BR1 was in coverage, it did not pickup a cellular signal while both 3G and 4G are available in that area.

The event log on the device shows no records, but webinterface is still reachable. One time this was detected when the unit was in coverage, and a reboot fixed the issue.

I see above information about upgrading to V6.2 which should resolve a (this?) lock-up issue. I was however under the impression that this V6.2 is still in beta? As we are using these models in production environments, I would like to be certain that V6.2 can be used in such environment. Also please confirm that this firmware would resolve the issue I described.

6.2 is now production firmware and can be downloaded directly from our site. One of the improved features is the better handling of unstable cellular connections.

Thanks Tim,

Will apply 6.2 next week and re-test.