BR1 Failing Cell Modems

I’ve just had a 2nd BR1 with a failed cell modem, the indication is “Device Not Found”. I’ve also heard from the US distributor that they’ve seen some with the same symptom. I’m a bit worried about this with all the BR1’s I’ve sold. Is anyone else having them fail and is it possible Peplink received a batch of bad modems?


We’ve seen this come up on a few rare occasions. Please open a support ticket as we may be able to remotely upgrade the cellular modem’s firmware itself. If this doesn’t work then the modem itself is bad and we will need to swap out the BR1 for you.

I’ve also had two MAX-BR1-T fail with “Device Not Found” message. Tried defaulting config and firmware update but didn’t help.

@1wheeler1, please open a support ticket for further investigation. Thanks.

One is still installed and a six hour drive to replace but is under warranty. Have remote access to it over wired WAN but will look at opening a ticket after we replace it.

The other was out of warranty and replaced with a 4G unit.

Thanks for the update :up:

It’s an issue with the modem firmware, not the BR1 firmware. Engineering was able to install new firmware in one of mine and that corrected it. The other was under warranty and was replaced though that certainly isn’t the most efficient thing to do.