BR1 - Failback to Preferred SIM not working (SOLVED)


SOLVED for now…seems to working now.

Hello, I’m using the Failback to Preferred SIM option with my BR1 (with SIM B preferred). I have enabled the “Non-preferred SIM is connected for x minutes” with a value of 5 minutes. However, it will never go back to the preferred SIM. Am I misunderstanding this option? I assume it means:

When SIM B (preferred) fails, it rolls over to SIM A. After SIM A has been connected for 5 minutes, if SIM B is connected, it will switch back to SIM B.

Am I missing something? Using v7.0.1



Can you confirm SIM B can be connected while fallback to it? If BR1 fails to connect with SIM B after the fallback, it will failover to SIM A again. Then you will see the flapping between SIM A and B with your current setting.