BR1 - Failback to Preferred SIM not working (SOLVED)

SOLVED for now…seems to working now.

Hello, I’m using the Failback to Preferred SIM option with my BR1 (with SIM B preferred). I have enabled the “Non-preferred SIM is connected for x minutes” with a value of 5 minutes. However, it will never go back to the preferred SIM. Am I misunderstanding this option? I assume it means:

When SIM B (preferred) fails, it rolls over to SIM A. After SIM A has been connected for 5 minutes, if SIM B is connected, it will switch back to SIM B.

Am I missing something? Using v7.0.1


Can you confirm SIM B can be connected while fallback to it? If BR1 fails to connect with SIM B after the fallback, it will failover to SIM A again. Then you will see the flapping between SIM A and B with your current setting.

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Did you lose connection while it trys to fallback to the preferred sim after the time specified. I was assuming it would check and see if the preferred sim was back online then fall over to it.

The BR1 only has a single cellular radio, so the only way to check if SIM A is valid would be to disconnect from the current connection (over SIM B) and attempt to connect using SIM A. If that fails, then it would reconnect using SIM B.

I’m afraid if you need to be able to have it switching sims without any service interruption, you’ll either need to have it only attempt to change sims while idle, or switch to a product that has multiple cellular radios.

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