BR1 ENT - intermittently, router can access Internet, but clients can not

OK. Here’s the reason I ask: AT&T has plans (such as I showed above) which are intended for tablets, etc. Sometimes they work great in routers; sometimes not at all. And, AT&T has started to “crack down” on these as use in routers is a violation of their terms of service. We have one we use for testing in Peplink routers and another in use for 4G back-up only and both work perfectly. However, I know of two folks who were contacted by AT&T and told they’d not be renewed (I think that was the wording) and another person who has found it works “sometimes.” (The ones we have are “unlimited” and the most similar plans are now capped at 25gB/month.)

These were/are sold by a variety of sellers, including on EBay. Sometimes the seller provided a “special” IMEI" that would pass AT&T’s automated test.

So, when someone indicates they have poor/unreliable service with AT&T the first question that comes to mind is “exactly what plan do you have?” While I am not suggesting that is your issue it seems the question still begs an answer.

/set rant on The “4G situation” in the USA is a total mess – very expensive, silly rules and ToS, difficulty in provisioning, usually no competent customer support, etc. Sometimes it’s difficult to bore through all of that in order to determine if the problem is hardware, firmware or is really just a goofy problem with cellular. /set rant off

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ask them?

yes, at&t is cracking down on tablet plans. you may be out of luck. plenty of info on HoFo. read the ipad plan thread.

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I had one of the tablet plans and it was recently suspended for using in a non tablet device.


Hi all we are having same issue. We have Peplink Balance 380 with 3 WAN connections. 1 Cradlepoint with ATT Business Premier account sim (used for Business network vlan), 1 Cradlepoint with ATT BM sim (used for crew wifi ubiquity switches and APs) and a VSAT Satellite systems. We have priority in Peplink set at #1 Business ATT Cradlepoint, #2 VSAT and #3 ATT crew cradlepoint. This setup configuration is setup throughout our vessel fleet and has worked for 3 years on this specific vessel that is currently having the problem. No other vessels are having this issue. This vessel moves from Texas to Florida and back. Others are in different area. This issue started about 5 weeks ago. The Peplink failover to VSAT won’t work because there is a connection with ATT and Health Checks work, the computers/servers on network just can’t browse like all you others are saying. Our reboot of the Cradlepoint fixes the issue for about 20 minutes. We initially thought it was a DNS issue, but my engineer after much troubleshootings also believes its an issue somewhere with Ports 80 and 443. I’ve opened tickets with ATT who then directed me to Cradlepoint. They can’t find a problem and is saying Peplink. Pointing fingers scenario. Any help would be appreciated. After reading this, I’m going to scream louder at ATT and see if I can get somewhere. Also possibly try a Verizon sim we have on another device.

@mspecht if you do a speed test from the affected LTE connection, does it show your location as New York? I’m wondering if that’s why the other vessels work OK but this one traveling in the Florida region is back hauled to this POP. Seems in the research I’ve done, the users all seem to be in the northeast/eastern seaboard.

I’ve purchased a second SIM from AT&T and still have the same issue. I can’t get a Verizon unlimited plan so I can’t try another provider.

Speedtest shows Houston TX which is close to where they are now.