BR1 Drop-in Mode


I see we have a new feature for the BR1. Unfortunately, I can’t find much (any) info about what it actually does, what versions of the BR1 does it work with. How does it work? etc. etc.

Is there a web page that answers the basic questions of the 5 W’s:


Is there a link to the manual?

I think I know what it’s supposed to do, but a little technical info from PepWave would be great.



I agree with Tom, would be great to have some customer oriented (advantages for end user) and technical oriented description about Drop-In mode at Peplink.
Even quite advanced engineers knowing other solutions don’t know what it is.

Here are some links to KB articles here on the Forum:

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I have a BR-1 mini, North American model. I am trying to determine if adding the Drop In mode for Verizon is possible with my router version. I run sims from Verizon and T-Mobile.

The Drop-in mode is referring to the Ethernet WAN connection. If you have a static IP SIM card and want to pass that along you can just use the IP Passthrough feature which is already supported. Thanks


I’ve spent an hour reading the manuals and FAQS.

I still can’t find the specific instructions for ‘drop in mode’ for the BR1.

I have purchased and activated the drop in mode feature and rebooted.

Is the next step to go to “Network” / LAN or WAN and configure?
When I go to these pages, there is no mention of “Drop in”

Is a static IP on the WAN required before “Drop in” will appear?

Will drop in work if there is only a cellular connection?

Please provide answers to these questions and a link to any URL’s that will resolve this.

Thank you in advance.

I spoke with Peplink Tech Support and Tanny confirmed the following:

Network / LAN / Click on the LAN “untagged LAN” (or whatever you named it).

The 3rd category has the “Drop in Mode Enable” option.

FYI - it takes several hours for the peplink online store to email you the unlock code.

Also, no static wan required and drop in mode works with a ‘cellular only’ connection.

The Drop-in Mode feature is for the Ethernet WAN, not cellular. If you are trying to do this on cellular you would just use the IP Passthrough feature instead. Thanks