BR1 Classic VS BR1 MK2

(1) Dual-Band WiFi

  • The BR1 MK2 router supports both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz frequencies simultaneously, which provides more flexibility and reduces interference.
  • BR1 Classic supports 2.4GHz only.

(2) LAN Port

  • The BR1 MK2 features 1x GE Port.
  • The BR1 Classic comes equipped with 2x FE Ports.

(3) Dimensions

  • The smaller form factor of the BR1 Classic makes it suitable for even the smallest of spaces.

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BR1 Classic HW3 also supports

(4) Connections

  • Secure Power/GPIO with clip vs dc barrel style
  • Single power input, unless using wan and passive POE injection.
  • GPIO . Digital input/Digital output, Analog input.
  • Serial port for OOB (Port 2 can be either LAN or serial, but not both like the mini with adapter.)

(5) Additional software features.

  • Remotesim/fusionsim support
  • 8GB ContentHub/Edgecomputing/Python