BR1 Classic VS BR1 Mini

(1) GPIO

  • BR1 Classic is equipped with a GPIO Power Block which supports power supply installation and additions of external devices into your setup, such as sensors (input) and alarms (output).
  • BR1 Mini’s Power Terminal Block supports a secure power supply installation.

(2) LAN/WAN Port

  • BR1 Classic features a usable ethernet WAN port right out of the box.
  • BR1 Mini will need an additional Failover license to activate the ethernet WAN port.

(3) Model variants

  • BR1 Classic has 2 general versions for Worldwide/CAT-6 or Europe/International/CAT-4.
  • BR1 Mini has 4 versions designed to meet specific regional requirements, especially for those on a budget.

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Can you list out the 4 versions on the mini and what cellular modems are in each of the classic/mini versions if they are different.

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply!

You can refer to the datasheets attached below for further information:
BR1 Classic

BR1 Mini