BR1 Classic vs BR1 IP67

(1) Indoor/Outdoor Deployment

  • The BR1 Classic is certified for tough and train deployment. (Indoor / Industrial environment)
  • The BR1 IP67 is compact and features an IP67-rated enclosure that is fully sealed against water immersion, dust, and inclement weather. (Outdoor environment)

(2) Antenna

  • The BR1 Classic comes bundled with a standardized antenna and is also compatible with other antennas based on your deployment.
  • The BR1 IP67 is embedded with cellular and GPS antenna, ideally deploys at the optimal signal spot.

(3) Power Input

  • The BR1 Classic is equipped with a power port for secure power installation in vehicles and other locations.
  • The BR1 IP67 supports PoE input which cuts down on cabling and simplifies deployments.

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