BR1 Classic LTE/A WiFi-as-WAN Power Extremely Low

I am experiencing very low WiFi Power both on my WiFi-as-WAN and AP. I set up an access point to another network around 5 feet away (after experiencing major problems at longer distances) and the power being received on my BR1 was -76dBm and the power being received on my Android phone was -36dBm (I made sure to set it to 2.5 band). They are both using channel 1. I know the Classic is the least powerful of the lineup but should it be this weak or is it defective? It seems it should be at least as able to pick up a signal as well as my Pixel I would think. Especially since the BR1 has nice external antennas. Thanks.

On BR1:
BR1 wifi db

On Pixel:
Pixel RV Wifi Power crop