BR-1 bandwidth thottle, using too much data

We have MAX BR-1 units in our tour buses and are experiencing extreme data overages. I have throttled the bandwidth to 100mhz, and restricted all the ‘normal’ websites. Is there anything else you can think of? These could potentially have 50 or so users at a time. We have seen spikes as high as 6Gb per day. Is there a way to block all video streaming? Any help would be appreciated.

Do you mean 100Mbps? If so you are leaving it wide open! I recommend to set the download limit to 1Mbps. If you are running the current 6.3.1 firmware you can go into the Content Blocking and select the categories you want to block. More info from our KB:

I have talked with Jason, and did a firmware update to 6.3.1. I also added the youtube and netflix blocking that is in your knowledge base. I have the bandwidth set at 100kbps but am still experiencing heavy usage. Jason thinks the firmware may take care of it. Thanks!

You need to monitor which client consumed most of the bandwidth and what services he/she is using. Then only decide what to block.

Check client bandwidth usage

Check services used by specific client

Hope this help.

This would have to be done while in use? And I assume so, but can I look at this while it is not here? I think it must be done with incontrol and does something need turned on in the unit to activate this? I can’t seem to find them on the map when I look, so some setting must be turned off. Thank you!

We have one unit out of warranty. What can be done to make this one accessible also?


You can either purchase a Extended Warranty option or a IC2 Subscription to be able to manage the device via IC2.