BPL310 to cater multiple VLAN

Is there anyway to configure PepLink Balance 310 WAN port as below? Majority FTTH or FTTO come with DATA and VOICE.

VLAN 500 for LAN-1, LAN-2
VLAN 400 for LAN-3
VLAN 600 for LAN-4


B310 does support Port Based VLANs as well as 802.1Q VLAN tagging. Believe you need Port Based in above case. As far as the WAN goes, you can choose PPPoE as the connection type and input the applicable username/password. Is this device connecting to the WAN of the Balance? I would recommend just putting it in “Bridged mode” as opposed to “Router mode” which it currently is configured as and let the Balance handle VLANs with below configuration.

Go to Network>LAN: Click on the (?) next to the Interface IP address to enable VLAN support.

Then create your applicable VLANs.

Lastly, go to Network>Port Settings and assign the applicable VLAN to the specified port.

Hi, below is the original connectivity:-

and this is the connectivity I’m trying to change with BPL310 as AP Controller required to manage 21 x AP One Enterprise.

This should be no problem if you configure the port-based VLAN’s as Jarid has suggested.

Hi Steiven,

Believe there is some misunderstanding here. The setup for Malaysia’s telco is a bit different.

In short, we don’t support multiple Vlans tagging on WAN and bring forwarding those tagged Vlans to LAN side.

You may place Balance 310 in between D-link DIR-850-L and network switch based on the original connectivity here.