BPL-580 Multi ADSL WAN not at full speed


our network environment mostly using multiple ADSL connections some time different bandwidth. The problem is when using speedtest.net all WAN are not at full speed.

One of our site using 5 modem (Bridge Mode), WAN 1 & 5 (4Mb) and WAN 2 ~4 (8Mb). By using Peplink Speedtest Tools, speed almost 22Mb but when test with speedtest.net just 8 ~ 10MB top speed.

When I checked at Realtime Bandwidth section, all WAN just 2Mbps average and sitting there. Some of my others site also reported same issue.

BTW, we are required minimum 17Mbps speed to pass UAT. please help.

Speedtest.net can only handle a couple of threads so I recommend using our speedtest tool to determine the actual capacity of all links. Are you using our SpeedFusion VPN technology to bond these connections:

Hi Tim,

yes, we’re using speedfusion for monitoring and managing remote devices. But, online speedtest is must in our User Acceptance Test for verification and documentation. To achieve full speed that should be higher then 17Mb, is there any way to trick or meet the requirements?.

Thanks for ur time…

Please share the screenshot below for Balance 580. I need further understanding of your setup.

  1. Send All Traffic To
  • Network > SpeedFusion
  1. Outbound Policy
  • Network > Outbound Policy

as requested, sorry for late reply


Base on the given screenshot, the default outbound policy is defined using “Auto”. When Auto is chosen, lowest latency algorithm will be applied, thus possible that the traffics is not fully load-balance using the available WANs link.

Lowest Latency - Traffic will be routed through the healthy WAN connection that is selected in the field Connection and has the lowest latency. Periodic latency checking packets are sent to the selected connections to determine their latency values.

Can you please edit the default outbound policy using weighted round robin (WRR) and redo the speedtest ?

Beside that, make sure you choose different Speedtest server to run the test (nearest server) and verify the performance that you will get.

Thank You

Hi all,

here the results

so far so good… thanks and have a good day everyone.