BPL-380 any way to connect more than 3 wired WANs

Is there any way to convert one of the USB WANs to a hard wired WAN like the other 3 on this model? Where I live we don’t have good mobile connections so a 4th WAN would be much more handy. There are adapter plugs that will go from internet to USB but the firmware doesn’t appear to support the same settings as the other WANs. Could this be an added feature offered by Peplink?

Please refer to the following:


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I wonder how to configure the WAN Mobile portal

For WANs 1-3 I have PPOE as a possibility along with passwords etc.

For the mobile WAN I don’t see how I can input PPOE and password as is
indicated below. Any suggestions on how to do this?

We have updated the guide that shows how to enable the hidden feature. You may revisit the article for reference.


Many thanks!!!

I notice that 3G says it has hardware version 6 for sale. Is there a way from looking at your serial number to tell hardware version? Is there a list somewhere to see what hardware differences exist?

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