BPL-021 Peplink 20 with switch

Hi all,
i’m new on the forum.
I was looking for a net balancer.
My problem is the following:
i’m connected to the Internet through a ISP with an HDSL, but it’s not so stable and we experiment long and frequent downtime.
My idea is to add a fallback internet connection through an USB 3/4G modem and i found the BPL-021 that should perfect for me.
My question is:
could i attach my provider’s router as first WAN link with a PPPoE connection and an USB modem as secondary link with an USB connection?
Once i’ve done, can I attach the Netgear 48 ports smart switch to the ethernet port of the BPL-021 and share the connection with all 20 client actually connected to the LAN?

Thank you so much.


Hi Endrio -

Yes, this setup will definitely work. The balance can take a PPPoE Ethernet hand-off as well as cellular USB connection. On the LAN side, your Netgear switch can be connected to one of the Balance 20 LAN ports to allow for more available ports. When looking for which cellular modem to purchase please refer to the supported Modem List

Thank you