Bonjour/mDNS forwarding

I have a wireless printer, and don’t trust it to be on the same broadcast domain as the Windows client VLAN10 (this stops printer getting remotely hacked, engaging in Layer2 spoofing type attacks against Kerberos as the Windows clients access various resources on the network), so it’s on it’s own VLAN6.

However, the printer advertises itself via Bonjour/mDNS (or in fact, WSD … Web Services Discovery), so I’d like these multicast packets to be relayed into the Windows client PC VLAN.

Can the MAX BR1 be configured to relay this multicast traffic from VLAN6 to VLAN10?

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Not all MAX models support Bonjour forwarding.

More info please refer to the forum link below:


Hmm, well I’m not very impressed about that. You’ve already got good product segmentation based on such features as SpeedFusion and MediaFast. Broadcast forwarding is a commodity feature in most other routers. This really shows up the realities of using a product where every capability is a special-case. I’d have expected this feature in the BR1-ENT … it’s not very ENT after all, it seems.

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