Bonjour Forwarding Question

Hi,I set up a layer 2 PepVPN connection between two Surf SOHO’s (MK2 and MK3).

Everything works great and as expected except my Tivo Mini. I understand Tivo needs bonjour forwarding to work. Is this something that should work automatically over a layer 2 PepVPN connection, or do I need a fancier setup (i.e. two Balance One’s) that specifically supports bonjour forwarding in the setup options for this to work?

Thanks so much!

Edit: Just wanted to add, both are on the same subnet and no separate VLAN is enabled.

You sure TiVo would require bonjour? I would have thought it would behave more like an ssdp discovery (layer 3 multicast groups). If it is in fact an SSDP multicast discovery and not bonjour - probably won’t work. This is due to the application setting a TTL to 1 for the UDP (SSDP) discovery to keep it in the local LAN. Try to do a screen cast from the mobile YouTube app to one of your smart TVs - boom. Consolidated multicast groups is how to get around that one (which Peplink doesn’t currently offer). Multicast groups are managed by the local router. Devices send packets requesting to join. These are not synchronized with the other end.

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