Bonjour Accessability


I recently updated to firmware version 6.2.1 and apparently lost some Bonjour accessability. Apple’s Airplay works fine, but my security cameras are only accessible via direct IP address. Trying to correct this via Network > LAN > Bonjour Forwarding Settings shows all the options greyed out. Any suggestions to correct this matter?

Dr. Z.

Hi Dr. Z,

May I know where is the cameras? Located at one of the Vlan of Balance router? Can you open ticket for us to take closer look?

Thank you.

I too am having trouble with this. The popup menus are available, but…

When I save my changes, apply them, and come back to the LAN page, it seems my changes have not been saved.

We are looking at the issue and will respond you the details.

I was merely experimenting with this, so don’t invest significant effort on my behalf. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Please upgrade to this firmware - and try again.