Bonding Solution

Hi All,

Im Apam83 and new here.
I has some queries on bonding solution and using HD2 at client branch and 380 at their HQ.
I used 1xADSL and 1x3G broadband, both are in active-active mode.
When commission the link, ASDL speed is 1.56 Mbps/10ms and 3G broadband is 1.93M/52ms.
However the bonding result just get 1.97Mbps.
Our customer has asked the bonding result should be better than single link result.
Anyone here can help to explain to our client. Sorry noob question as im new in this network field
Thanks in advance.

The performance could be impaired by the difference in latency between your ADSL and 3G. It has been discussed a couple of times. Have a read here for more details.

Hi Kurt, thanks for your explanation, one more question let say ASDL speed is 1.56 Mbps/10ms and 3G broadband is 1.93M/10ms, can the bonding result reach around 3.4Mbps?

SpeedFusion uses encapsulation for encryption and bonded routing. The encapsulation header is around 80 bytes per packet. If your application uses larger packets e.g. 1440 then we could expect 90% bonding efficiency. This means, assuming minimal packet loss rate which also impairs bonding performance, we can expect around 3.29Mbps of bonded throughout. Otherwise we can expect around 2.8Mbps or 3Mbps depending on your average packet size.

Hi you are right to say this one, i have also use this bonding solution i am really enjoying this oneā€¦!

thanks for sharing.

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