Bonding help

Hi everyone

i need some help please.

i have peplink balance 30 with 3 WAN. i have two Adsl routers connected to the peplink so i can increase the internet speed.

each Adsl router internet speed is Download = 1.5 Megabyte upload = 512 kilobyte

the problem im facing is bonding upload is not working but the download works perfect i get 3 Megabyte download.

the upload result i get 512 how can i solve this issue to make upload 1 Megabyte


Which speed test tool/website that you were testing? You may try MySpeedMeter or see if you could get desire result.

Anyway, I would like to highlight the the way the Internet Load Balancing work, which you can find the article explanation here.

Additionally, you may want to read more on how these speed test website conduct and measure your Internet bandwidth.

Thanks and regards.