Bonding and Standby

Is it possible to have bonding established and still have one WAN status listed as standby? We have two sims - Verizon and AT&T and have established bonding, using the outbound policies.

Even though we are in an area where Verizon has low speedtest numbers, Verizon is currently listed as on standby.

How can we verify whether bonding is in fact, setup correctly and whether load balancing is setup correctly? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Robert, “standby” is equivalent to “completely off but will turn on if needed”. You are not bonding because only one WAN is in use.

With both WAN hot you can have bonding (provided you have Fusion at the other end), or at least load balancing.

With both WAN hot, but with an outbound rule prioritizing all traffic to one WAN (no bonding) you would be using almost no data on the low priority WAN but have instant fail over if the primary goes down.

With the secondary WAN standby, the connection is not live at all so if the primary fails there is a brief data loss while the secondary establishes a connection. That would be desirable of you are trying to conserve data on the secondary due to cost.

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I’m using Speedfusion Cloud. I have WAN Priority 1 set for both my two sims. I’ve noticed that a speedtest slows down when I do this.

If I WAN Priority 1 with one SIM and WAN Priority 2 set for the other SIM. The speedtest increases.

I’m having a hard time understanding if I am truly bonding. The manual seems to refer to PepVPN. Can anyone refer me to a video or anything that might offer some help or explain what I should be looking for in my router to ensure that I am bonding?

Sometimes one cell will be faster than two cell connections bonded. I think speedfusion is very sensitive to both packet loss or timing variance and these can be an issue with cellular connections (in my limited experience) where a cell connection can ping along the lines of 60 ms, 60 ms, 100 ms, 60 ms where you get an odd long ping every so often.

You might use the two cell connections with speedfusion using one for standby. You might go to support.cgi and try changing the bonding method to lowest latency to take advantage of the lower latency cell connection at any given time. You could also load balance tasks where you don’t need speedfusion to route over the other cell connection (instead of send all traffic over pep vpn, you can go to outbound policy and you can choose which source, etc. goes over the speedfusion tunnel and then set a policy for low priority devices to go over the other cellular.)