Bonding /aggregating different ISP lines to prevent packet loss

Hello, our current setup receives multiple incoming VPN connections that we consume on our end through mikrotik hardware. Since we are having some issues from time to time with failovers and disconnects (we are currently using a static commercial grade line + a consumer line as backup) we are wondering if we could aggregate these lines together this providing a more stable connection that eff. Doesn’t drop out or produces any packet loss. Is peplink speedfusion the right technique for that?

Yes, SpeedFusion VPN would be a great solution for this case.
Keep in mind that SpeedFusion VPN has 3 parts:

  • Hot Failover
  • WAN Smoothing
  • Bandwidth Bonding

Hot Failover will tackle your failover/disconnect problems in this case.
When one of your connections fails, another available connection will automatically take over without you experiencing downtime.
More info:

WAN Smoothing helps tackling any packet loss along the way.
The Peplink device will send extra packets, which can be reconstructed on the other end to tackle any packet loss.
WAN Smoothing will also try to assign the traffic to the connection with the lowest latency, which decreases the latency of the SpeedFusion VPN tunnel.
More info:

Bandwidth Bonding bundles multiple internet connections into one high speed connection, but this feature is not needed for this case (as far as I can see in your description of the case).
More info:

IMPORTANT: SpeedFusion VPN only works from Peplink device to Peplink device.
This means you will need a Peplink/Pepwave device on both ends of the SpeedFusion VPN tunnel.

If you could share the amount of incoming VPN tunnels and how many locations we’re talking about, I’d be happy to advise you the fitting Peplink equipment.


Joey, what a clear concise explanation of SpeedFusion’s three flavours :clap:

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