Bonding 4G LTE workflow

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I would like to use Peplink MAX HD4 Quad 4G LTE router to bond four cellular links to stream video from remote locations (UDP protocol).
SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding should allow to combine upload speeds from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.
Which equipment should I specify to “de-bond” this connection at the receiving site with single WAN connection?
Will “de-bonding” reconstruct the stream including correct packet sequence for UDP streaming?
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We had a lot of similar deployment for the bonding requirements. For more information, you can refer to the Peplink design labs

Regarding to your question which model should be use for the office site, this is depend the SpeedFusion bonding performance that required. You can refer to the variant model from Peplink Website.

SpeedFusion bonding is packet level bonding solution and for packet reassemble this will handle by the SpeedFusion bonding technology to make sure packet sent from the encoder to the decoder are in the same order.

Beside that, advance feature like WAN smoothing is embedded for the SpeedFusion bonding technology to combat against packet loss issue.

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I have single, high-speed WAN on the office side.
Which features do I need for the Balance router?
Can I use BPL-021 ?

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As mentioned by Sit Loong, this is depending on your requirement. Balance 20 with 150Mbps router throughput, 30Mbps PepVPN throughput, Maximum 2 PepVPN tunnels. If this meet your requirement, then Balance 20 is the right model for you.

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My application requires only one PepVPN tunnel (from MAX HD4) for a single UDP stream @ 12 Mbps.
MAX HD4 will utilize SpeedFusion Bonding and WAN Smoothing for reliable UDP transport over four LTE links.

Will Balance 20 be able to receive and process (de-bond) this stream?
(Product chart shows no SpeedFusion support for Balance 20/30 products)

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PepVPN is workable with SpeedFusion.

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I will specify MAX HD4 with 4 LTE SIMs and Balance 20 BPL-021 for this project.

Sorry for the miscommunication in this thread. The Balance 20 does do PepVPN but does not support SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding. This is available on the Balance 210 though and this will meet your requirement. Thanks.

This is exactly what I asked in the first post! :frowning:

Hi Paul, I stand corrected and apologize for the confusion. You can definitely use the Balance 20 to terminate the bonded connection coming from the HD4. The only disadvantage here is that if you ever wanted to add an additional WAN link to the 20 it would not be able to be added to the tunnel.