Bonding 2 DSL Lines on Home Network

Can I use a single Balance 310 router to combine two 20MB/2MB DSL lines into a single 40MB/4MB pipe which would allow me to access the internet at 40MB speeds?

I do not have a VPN. I just want to get better performance from my existing internet connections.

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: yes, but… you need an endpoint for SpeedFusion. Think of it as a VPN with multiple links. You could test a FusionHub appliance in AWS, but for home use I’d be surprised if you found it economical. Another option would be to colo a Peplink router somewhere with an Internet connection equivalent to or greater than the two you’re bonding together. Again there’s a cost factor (a second router, possible SpeedFusion license, and the colo charges) which may not make sense at home.

Edit: alternatively, any (I think) of the Balance routers should be able to load balance those connections. For things that support it, both connections might get utilized… Steam downloads, for instance. I don’t think it works this way for streaming or anything encrypted, though…