Bonding 2 cell cards of the same provider


Doing some research on using 2 cell cards in a hd2 max mini lte of the same provider to improve signal at a particular location and I came across a post claiming:

The problem is that the cells on the tower see the SpeedFusion VPN tunnel as one data session and thus give both SIM-cards 50% of the bandwidth it would normally give to one SIM-card, in this case the tower seems to handle it a bit differently.
So adding multiple SIM-cards of the same provider without any custom settings will not/barely give you benefit.

The post had many deleted posts on it and I was trying to determine if this was accurate or not, because If its not going to help I obviously do not want to do it.


It depends on the cellular network, you location and how many people are using the cellular network.
Ideally you should use two SIM cards from different providers as this should give the best “bonding” results as you are not potentially fighting yourself for the bandwidth.
@Alan is it ok to share the SpeedFusion White Paper here?