bonded network much slower than any of my single sources

Ticket is open. Peplink sent it to Mobile Must Have. Mobile Must Have has sent it back to Peplink. Ticket was opened on 5/15.

I’m going to continue pushing for a resolution with support. So far, I have learned that bonding has many limitations. However, even considering the limitations (ideal scenario) I’m not seeing bonding benefits.

@sitloongs seems this ticket needs some love? Anything you can do to help?

Good news. I think we have a Peplink’s definitive response to this situation.

“Peplink is not seeing anything wrong with the device or configuration, the device is behaving as would be expected.”

In my opinion, the issue is more of a marketing problem than anything else. Do a search and you will find that cellular connections are included in the bonding capabilities. If you search these forums as I have, you will also find quite a few people that come to the same conclusion that I’m finally coming to. Bonding is not designed to help deal with poor cellular connections. For bonding to work you need similar latency, low packet loss, similar bandwidth, and I’m sure other parameters that I’m not knowledgeable enough to know about. In the real world this is just not the case.

Keep in mind that I’m on the road and moving constantly. You can see the connection details above (also send to Peplink). These connections meet the parameters that peplink has provided, but bonding does not result in higher throughput. That’s just the unfortunate truth. If you are like me and thought that the Max Transit Duo + Speedfusion or Fusionhub was going to enable you to turn 2 slow connections into a connection that is stable and fast enough to use for work, then you are likely to be disappointed. At the end of the day, this means us road warriors will need to pack up and head to the next town.

I will continue to use fusionhub vpn. Why? For the other benefits such as failover, load balancing, static IP, etc. If I’m lucky and bonding actually improves speeds occasionally, that will be a bonus. I’m also adding starlink to my wan options (currently ATT, TMO, & VZN). Hopefully that lowers the need for bonding. However, there is currently a known issue with Starlkink as wan that is tracked on a different thread.

In summary. Very disappointed. But at the same time, what options do we have? Peplink devices are still the best the market has to offer as far as I can tell. I just bought a Max Transit Pro so I’m going to continue the struggle for the foreseeable future.