Bonded cellular connection requirements?

In looking at dual sim options (MAX-BR2-SF-IP55 or MAX-HD2-mini), is the bonding only available when connecting via speedfusion to another pepwave product (Balance)?

Goal is to increase bandwidth available to a zero network environment for portable demonstration purposes.

You will be able to load balance between both of your SIM cards but to achieve WAN aggregation of your links this will require Speedfusion which is site-to-site. You would need another Speedfusion device on the other end or Fusion Hub which is software based to terminate the other end of the tunnel.

So I would have some benefit, particularly using different ports, with the dual sim solution. I would have more benefit by including speedfusion in the solution?


–Without SpeedFusion: You will round robin between both SIMs using each SIM individually. Once a session is initiated it will send it out 1 SIM at a time.

–With SpeedFusion: It will combine both Links into one large pipe. Once a session is initiated it will send the data down the tunnel (Both SIMs) at a time.