BLP210 and VLANs


I’m about to buy a BLP210 to create a load-balance for my company.

Few questions I have about this equipment.

1-Does it support VLAN creation for internal network (LAN)? Even a port-based VLAN capability works for me.

2-If this one support VLANs, does it provide comunication between VLANs? Something like a VLAN routing.

3-Does it allow DHCP Relay?

4-Does it allow connection port redirection? Something like redirect port 80/8080 to a proxy.

5-Does it allow remote management? If so, does it support the use of ssh key files?

Thanks a lot for the help.

Hi there,

Here is the answers,

  1. We currently do not support VLAN however it is in our roadmap.

  2. Refer to A1

  3. No, it do not have the DHCP relay option, however it can be a DHCP server by itself.

  4. No, we currently do not support port redirection.

  5. No, we do not support SSH management.



Eric Chen