Blocking windows 10 updates

How can i effectively block windows 10 update on pepwave router with firmware 8.0

I imagine you could put a local DNS entry for to resolve to (or some other address that isn’t windows update). There is a more complete-looking list on this page for all the domains used in windows update. (2nd comment has the domain names)

In my experience, it isn’t hard to break windows update. The difficulty is in trying to get it to work most of the time. Good luck buddy.

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Wow, have you come to the right place. Been fighting this for a while and it works. I now have to connect to a VPN (to bypass these router restrictions) to update Windows 10. In Content Blocking block

To prevent Microsoft from spying on you, also block and (used by Edge browser).

If Content Blocking alone is not sufficient, I have long list of Local DNS records for you.