Blocking TeamViewer on a 720

Is there an easy way to control/block the remote log-in software Teamviewer? I know about port 5938 but hope there is a more comprehensive way to do it like eDonkey or Bittorrent blocking

Appreciate any hep.


We do not have comprehensive way to block this at the moment.

You may try this workaround - Block in Outbound Firewall Rules.

I am not sure what you mean. I tried and keep getting errors. Could you be more specific on what I would need to put in into what fields in the outbound side of the firewall.

Really appreciate your time and effort.



Please go Network -> Access Rules -> Add Rule (Outbound Firewall Rules)

Please find the attached screen shot for the settings.

Hope this help.

Thanks, that worked.

Is there anything on the inbound side that can be done if need be?

Thanks for the help.


TeamViewer only needs outbound connection. So nothing to do with Inbound Rules.