Blocking entire domains with SOHO router

First time posting here… I have had a SOHO V2 router for a number of years and I was wondering if it is possible to block an entire domain. i.e *.cyou. These guys are relentless and while I can block IP addresses, they just find another server and so the incoming hits just come from elsewhere. It would be easier just to block the domain.



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Go to advanced tab, Firewall, content blocking, web blocking
then set a customized domain.

FYI. Web blocking does not need asterisks. Entering “” would block anything that ended with “”. Its as if it was * Note though, that is does not block It does block and and

You can also block at a higher level. For example, I block “cm” because people often type “cm” instead of “com” and bad guys take advantage of them.

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There’s one I never thought of. Updated my NextDNS TLD blocklist


Thank… I need to look into NextDNS. Can’t just put *.cyou to block content from there. Putting cyou has no affect.