Block website by keyword on SOHO

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to block websites by keyword. I cannot block the domain for this site because it is registered under a lot of different domain names. It would be easier for me to block a few keywords I suspect will be in the name of the site. To be specific, I want to block everything containing the word 9anime. Thanks.

Adding “9anime” to list of customized domains in Network > Content blocking doesnt work?

See here for full explanation

I don’t think it will work in my situation because it will block any domains that end with .9anime. I want to block all web addresses that contain the phrase anime. Ao I would want to block,, etc hence I would like to block all sites with the word anime.

I guess in that case you’ll have to list out the domains explicitly to block. I don’t know of any other way to accomplish it.


Are you looking at Regular expression rules for the domain ? This is not available now.

For your example, you can consider put the domain as below and it should able to block most of the sites.


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Maybe I’m not doing this correctly because all of the sites I block seem to get through. I hit save and apply changes each time but google for example still gets through. Here is a picture of how I have configured my router for content blocking.

I updated the firmware, and rebooted, and it seems to be working.