Block Users By Mac?

I have the Peplink 20. Working great! But I do want to be able to block users using crazy amounts of bandwidth or file sharing. Since the 20 does not block P2P ( I wish it could as I can’t afford the higher end models) how can I block users by mac address?

I’m temporarily blocking a few users with a rule denying connections.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, there is no way to block users by Mac address.

You might have implemented this already from your second message.

But when you go to “Status” -> “Bandwidth”, you can see which client is using the most bandwidth. You can use DHCP reservation for that client by assigning a specific IP address. Then you can use the IP address as a source IP for the Outbound firewall rule to deny the client.

I hope this information helps. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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The Peplink Team

Thanks. The reservation sounds great. I was worried they would just change their IP and I’d end up playing cat and mouse every day. This bit torrent is killing me as a small ISP. Will you incorporate a solution in the lower end models in the future?

I bought a peplink 20 days ago, and i was very excited about it, i was planning to change all my branches to that, but because mac address filtering is not available on this model, i will continue using simple routers that have this function, will be very nice if its implemented in the future.

Thanks all for your suggestions. I am moving this discussion to Feature Request.

We want to hear more of this from the community. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts, everyone.

We share the same problem. I have a thousand computers connected to my peplink 1350 and these clients are on DHCP. I could track the IP that consumes the most bandwidth through the Client List feature but I couldn’t do anything about it. I wish there was a feature where you could temporarily disconnect or block that client. I tried using the Bandwidth Limit feature but the internet speed gradually slows down and evenetually the peplink freezes after approx 1 hour. Then I have to do a hard reset.

Thanks for sharing your comments, Rommel. It definitely put weights on blocking user by MAC address.

On another note, you mention you tried to use bandwidth limit feature which gradually slowed down Internet and froze Peplink? I want to take a closer look at this because User Group Bandwidth Limit shouldn’t do this. This maybe a separate topic to look into.

The interesting thing would be to have more advanced bandwidth management in QoS> Bandwidth Control, where based on these rules (below), list up customers who consume more bandwidth.


  • Adapt traffic (eg this option I have 1000 clients and have a total of 100Mbps internet together more confined each customer group Staff at 1 Mbps, ie if you have 100 clients connected to my internet Staff would already be congested - no tell the other groups. then right through it the system calculate this option and the number of customers each group, how much bandwidth I limited for each, based on the number and inform me as I can is limiting for each customer group in Mbps / Kbps so that no traffic jams. this case with this option enabled him inform me that I have 1000 clients in three separate groups Manager, Staff and Guest, then I would have to use something like Reserved Bandwidth Group to distribute the traffic as current how have internet available.

  • Client blocked (here will show where the mac client, ip address and host it, and this list have a padlock next to this information, so if the administrator clicks on the lock he locked the customer indefinitely, and just to unlock click again on the lock it opens)

  • Default time to block

In the list of customers who consume more in the reports, now have the option to block the user, along with your ip.

Tomorrow I put a mockup to describe more or less my suggestion.

Wait for the feedback :slight_smile: