Block UltraSurf Whit PepLink Balance 380

Hello all
We need block Ultrasurf with Peplink 380.
How can we do this? :confused:

Ultrasurf uses SSL, so the traffic is encrypted and the Peplink Balance would not be able to tell it apart from other SSL traffic such as online banking, etc. To do that, you need a firewall that combines SSL decryption with application identification through deep packet inspection, such as the ones made by Palo Alto Networks. You could maybe do it by destination IP if you had a list of the Ultrasurf servers, but those probably change frequently.

Some source suggests that their proxy server IP changes up to 10,000 times an hour. We can’t count on destination IP either.

Very good info ahopkins, thanks for sharing!

Hi All, any solution for this? Since peplink released the latest firmware?