Block PEPVPN access on Guest network

Hi Everyone,

Im currently using a peplink balance 380 Revision 6 running with firmware 8.0.0 build 2636

Right now i have the network configured as follows. Lan Port 1 is the admin network and Lan port 2 is the guest network, is it possible to block PEPVPN on port 2 only, as i do not want them being able to access it.

Yes. Create an outbound policy, use the guest network as the traffic source identifier. Leave destination as any. Then pick whatever algoithm suits you best and make sure that the VPN tunnel is not included in the WAN targets.

Then save it, turn on expert mode in outbound policy table and push the new rule above the pepvpn route.

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wow that was easy, thank you for helping out! I didn’t know the expert mode up until now.