Block Multiple LANs from Web Admin


Currently, users can only allow ALL or 1 LAN/ VLAN to access the web admin page. For users wanting to allow and block multiple LANs, I thought creating an internal firewall rule would work, but it does not. Peplink confirms this is NOT currently possible so I am hoping that it could be added in a future firmware update.

Thank you!


Can you share the used case? We can limit the Web Admin access for a VLAN only at the moment. Normally the allowed VLAN will be management VLAN which used by the administrator. Any reason you need to allow the Web Admin access for multiple VLANs when the restriction is enabled there?


Here’s an example: User has a primary LAN, Guest LAN, a LAN for his kids, and a LAN for IoT devices. He wants to allow access for both the primary and guest LANs, but block access for the kids’ and IoT.


I also request this feature for the same reasons.